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Is Outsourcing HR Right For You? Maybe Not

Many businesses are outsourcing human resources and payroll processes from day one. Small businesses are often focused on growing their business and may not be able to dedicate time to these important activities. However, outsourcing can also remove the control and insight over this important part of your business. It may be time to take back […]

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Don’t Sweat Over Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting

Human resources managers everywhere are trying to stay on top of changes to healthcare reporting under the new Affordable Care Act (ACA).  These new rules require close attention and prompt response by many businesses. Don’t sweat it! Deploy a simple add-on solution that can help you get through the process efficiently and accurately. The ACA […]

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FASB Hopes To Simplify Financial Reporting

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has released three proposed updates that are intended to simplify the financial reporting for employee benefit plans. These three updates intend to simplify contract value, investment disclosures, and measurement of investments and related accounts. Comments on the proposal that was released on April 24, 2015 are due on May […]

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Can Big Data Reduce Employee Turnover?

Big data is being discussed in many industries today with implications that predictive analytics can solve problems and provide insights for all the moving parts of businesses. Now, the idea is being applied to human capital. Can data improve productivity and reduce employee turnover? Maybe…but it depends. Straight-line logic has its place, but it may […]

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Human Resources Isn’t Keeping Up with Business Changes and That’s a Problem

Your business is likely focused on customer needs, improving the customer experience in order to strengthen long-term relationships. This makes sense. However, while your attention is on customers, your employees may be feeling slighted. According to a recent study, human resources (HR) isn’t keeping up with changes in the business environment. Lack of technology can […]

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Changes are Coming; Remain Compliant with Mandatory Sick Leave Legislation

Many businesses offer full-time employees paid sick leave as part of a comprehensive employee benefit package. Part-time employees, which are commonly found in industries with high turnover rates, are not usually offered paid sick leave, among other common benefits. Changes may be coming if they haven’t already. Local and state agencies are talking about implementing […]

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Protecting Your Business from Risks Including Employee Crime

Business owners and managers are familiar with the common risks that can plague a business – from supply chain disruption to product quality and the resulting unsatisfied customers.  However, there is another common risk that may not get the attention it deserves – employee crime schemes. Ideally, you should be able to trust your employees. […]

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Improve Consistency and Productivity with Workflows

There are many common tasks that are completed in offices everywhere.  Although they are essentially the same, they can be completed differently by different people in the very same department.  For example, how does your staff decide to extend credit to a customer or when to send follow-up materials?  Your people may follow corporate policies […]

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BYOD And Flex Time – Nightmare Or Part Of Employee Retention?

Millennials, those employees that are about 40 years old and younger, are showing an increased interest in using their own devices at work and want the flexibility to be able to work from where ever and whenever they choose.  Businesses can view these new interests as a nightmare or put policies in place in order […]

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