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Cloud Predictions for 2014

Cloud computing has become the rule and not the exception for applications in today’s business world. It is without doubt the default IT platform and the reality is a lot of organizations use multiple cloud environments delivered within different platforms. The challenge of managing these cloud environments in a consistent way has created the need […]

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Data Security in the Cloud

The most arguable myth about cloud ERP solutions refers to organizational data not being as secured as in an on-premise solution. In fact, SaaS security and privacy of data has proved to be customers’ biggest concern. The top 4 most important issues about data security in the cloud are: 1. Your data storage location This […]

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Go from Great Pains to Great Plains with MS Dynamics GP

Today companies struggle with a volume of information that has the force of a tidal wave. You can either float or sink into that wave, depending on whether or not you can leverage the exponential growth of business data. The current thinking around big data though, tends to be built around a very simplistic model. […]

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Let Cloud Computing Improve your Business Productivity!

The dictionary definition of productivity is: “the quality of being productive or having the power to produce”.  Some businesses prefer a structured environment, while others prefer a flexible environment. But every business strives to be productive, efficient and proactive. The cloud computing movement has allowed businesses to free up time to focus on other aspects […]

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