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What Lesson Can ERP Software Buyers Learn From the Hartford CT Power Outage of 2011?

When the freak Halloween snowstorm hit Connecticut, it left nearly a million residents without power. Suddenly the basic necessities that most people take for granted, heat, electricity, and safety,  were gone. With downed power lines and dark streets, children in Hartford were forced to forgo trick-or-treating this year. Now that is scary! To make matters […]

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Provide Unprecedented Access to Information

Whenever I’m asked by friends and family what I do for a living, I tend to pause and think about how I should answer. If I mention the phrases “ERP” or “enterprise systems” I notice a distinct glazed look in the eyes of those asking. This isn’t surprising, as ERP systems are large, technical, and complex tools. […]

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“Release Your Data from its Earthly Bounds, and Let it Soar to the Cloud”

Who writes this junk?  Well, I do.  It’s certainly not classic prose, and I think it’s too long to fit on a fortune cookie message.  But it’s definitely trendy.  And guess what, many are still reluctant to maintain their accounting data on a remote server, out there somewhere, easily accessible via the Internet.  Here are […]

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Surprising Momentum from Companies in Bankruptcy

We have seen a surprising increase in business from companies that are operating under the protection of the U.S. bankruptcy code.  This seems like a paradox, but what we’re hearing from our new clients is the following: Subscription pricing allows for a minimal upfront investment in business systems Hosted business systems require no additional systems […]

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Top 5 Myths about Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the Cloud

If your business has researched ERP software options recently, you’ve probably noticed there are many different ways to implement and run the system in your organization.  The more traditional on-premise software implementation is now one option among many, with other choices being SaaS and Managed Hosting models.  Despite economic shifts toward cloud computing and hosting, […]

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To Host or Not to Host, That is the Question – Learn the Benefits of Hosting and What It Can Bring to Your Organization

RSM McGladrey is a SAS 70 – Level II compliant hosting provider for Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions (GP & SL), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Office SharePoint. With this level of compliance, you can be confident your applications and data are safe. Our hosting services include a superior backup system, security and file management system.  […]

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Run Your Business, Not Your Technology

Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you turn there is a new technology to evaluate?  These technologies promise new levels of productivity, better communication, new ways to market and sell, or simply to communicate.  It is easy to get overwhelmed or accidentally become a ‘manager of technology’ instead of a manager of the business. Small and medium […]

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9 Interview Questions to Choose the Right ERP Software Data Center Hosting Provider

The latest buzz in the ERP software world is “cloud computing” (aka “software as a service/SAAS” or “hosting”). Basically this means that a data center, separate from your location, installs and maintains your software on their servers and you access it securely over the Internet. There are a lot of companies out there that are eager to host your Microsoft Dynamics GP software – but who can you really trust with this precious system that is really the backbone of your business? Here are 9 interview questions you can ask a potential data center/hosting partner to separate the good from the not so good:

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Putting SaaS to Work in Your Business

Everyone can recall horror stories about mishaps that occur when workers aren’t on the same page, collaborating effectively to keep business running smoothly and productively.  But, should collaboration break down the consequences can be serious. Efficient collaboration is rarely simple and it can take many forms. Some needs are internally focused, for instance, keeping employees […]

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5 Benefits of On-Demand ERP Software

There is no doubt about the benefits that an ERP system will bring to a business of any size; nonetheless, a traditional implementation process can be so expensive and complicated that will make it unaffordable for some small/mid size companies nowadays.

To this end, some business solution providers in this highly competitive market now offer the On-Demand ERP Application Software system

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