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43 Questions You Must Ask Before Hosting Dynamics GP Online

A distinct advantage of Microsoft Dynamics GP is that you have the choice to deploy it in the traditional “on premise” method OR the now popular “in the cloud” option. This means you can change the way you access your system as your business needs change.

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Move to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics GP

What does it mean to move to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics GP?   With affordable deployment options available, many businesses look to have their Dynamics GP hosted rather than installed on their own servers. This is an excellent way to bring down the cost of making a move to Dynamics GP   Microsoft Dynamics […]

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RoseASP Moving to Dynamics Subscription Licensing

When Microsoft Dynamics announced new options for its subscription licensing customers, effective January 1, 2014, RoseASP seized the opportunity.  While subscription pricing is only available to a select set of partners in the Dynamics community, it was available to RoseASP in 2013.  However, RoseASP did not feel it could fully serve its customers with Dynamics […]

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How to Make a Martini with Dynamics GP

The Dynamics GP Manufacturing module can be an intimidating piece of software. There are hundreds of ways to configure and use the module. But it can also be configured to be simple to use and effective at controlling a manufacturing process. To that point I created a simple video to show this in action. One […]

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Seven Benefits Realized in Hosting Dynamics GP with RoseASP

IntellPartners LLC is a leading Dynamics GP partner that recently completed a successful cloud-based transition for its customer, TyraTech, Inc.  IntellPartners partnered with RoseASP, to carefully move TyraTech’s on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP system into the RoseASP cloud environment. TyraTech had been using Dynamics GP 9.0 and was two releases behind the current version of the […]

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Nine Benefits of Hosting Dynamics

These are the benefits that our customers generally experience when they decide to host their Dynamics systems online: 24/7 support – Basic IT support to ensure that users can always have access to the system. Minimize/eliminate upfront capital costs – This frees up working capital to better serve your customers, e.g. holding higher levels of […]

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