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5 Reasons Choosing Hosted vs On Premise ERP Software is Like Choosing Between a Condo or a House

I have recently joined the “house hunters” game and it occurred to me that a real estate purchase has some interesting similarities to an ERP or CRM software purchase. I could buy a stand alone house – much like buying a traditional on-premise software system. In this scenario, I have full control over my investment […]

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Five Reasons Why ERP Software Implementations Fail

Every business adopts technology. One of the greatest investments for a business is in their enterprise applications environment – that is, the technology to formalize and operate business processes. Unfortunately, enterprise application implementations tend to have a high failure rate due to inattention to key, manageable tasks.To eliminate costly enterprise application technology failures, here is […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP On-Demand, Hosted, or On-Premise – Which Deployment is Best for Me?

Feeling like there are too many options?  Do not let the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment options halt your decision-making process.  Depending on the size, IT resources available and requirements of your organization, all options could make sense at different stages of your organization. First, let’s clarify what these different deployment platforms are. On-Premise: […]

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9 Interview Questions to Choose the Right ERP Software Data Center Hosting Provider

The latest buzz in the ERP software world is “cloud computing” (aka “software as a service/SAAS” or “hosting”). Basically this means that a data center, separate from your location, installs and maintains your software on their servers and you access it securely over the Internet. There are a lot of companies out there that are eager to host your Microsoft Dynamics GP software – but who can you really trust with this precious system that is really the backbone of your business? Here are 9 interview questions you can ask a potential data center/hosting partner to separate the good from the not so good:

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Putting SaaS to Work in Your Business

Everyone can recall horror stories about mishaps that occur when workers aren’t on the same page, collaborating effectively to keep business running smoothly and productively.  But, should collaboration break down the consequences can be serious. Efficient collaboration is rarely simple and it can take many forms. Some needs are internally focused, for instance, keeping employees […]

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