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Avoiding HIPAA Violations with Dynamics Hosting Partners

While many hosters and managed services providers may claim to be HIPAA compliant, there is more to avoiding HIPAA violations than compliant databases and secure data centers. Are you a Dynamics Partner? Ask about helping healthcare customers with HIPAA Cloud Services » Dynamics Hosting Partners can help reduce HIPAA risk HIPAA compliance in the cloud is […]

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Healthcare Management Dashboards

Dynamic, easy-to-use, and flexible dashboards are empowering Healthcare companies to use their data to better understand their place in today’s business world and make stronger decisions.  According to Software Advice, a comparison site for Business Intelligence (BI) tools, data visualizations are the top BI software.  Software Advice’s research focused on technology solutions for CFOs, and they found […]

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Business Intelligence for Healthcare

This article explores financial reporting, planning, and data visualization options for the Healthcare industry, zooming in on the benefits of today’s dynamic Business Intelligence solutions.  Whether you are working at a retirement home, in a hospital, as part of a home medical care organization, or at a family physician office, it can be aggravating to […]

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The Difference between Human Resources and Extended Human Resources & Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 includes a pretty comprehensive Human Resource module that lets you manage payroll, direct deposit, PTO and keep records on all employees and applicants. So why would you pay more to add Extended Human Resources and Payroll? Mike, a consultant at Stoneridge Software with nearly 10 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics […]

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Business Intelligence for ERP and More

No longer do you need to spend 6 digits for a Business Intelligence solution that can report, budget, analyze, and graphically represent your ERP data live and from a data warehouse.  For many businesses there are more than one business system and related databases that require consolidated reporting, budgeting, analysis and graphical representation. No longer do […]

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Dynamics GP Positioned to Tame the Upcoming 1099 Nightmare

Businesses already must file Form 1099s with the IRS when they purchase more than $600 in services from a vendor in a year. But a provision in the New Healthcare law would extend the requirement to the purchase of goods, starting in 2012. Close to 38 million businesses, charities, and tax-exempt organizations, many of them small […]

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