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Hospitals Throw Out Old Practices and Technologies: On to Newer and Better Days with ERP Software

According to this article, “There has been a significant growth in the health care industry which has enabled the hospitals to use latest technology like ERP for better services and provide value for money to their patients. Hospitals cannot afford to follow old practices and technologies. They need to be updated in terms of use […]

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Dynamics GP – The Right Fit For Multi-Site Long Term Care Facilities

Full-service, continuing care retirement communities have a prime mission to provide independence and dignity to their residents. This is an expensive endeavor for Long Term Care facilities, and in many cases, it can have the unintended consequence of taking resources away from non mission critical items such as IT.  When it comes to financial management, this […]

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5 Beneficial Results Microsoft Dynamics GP Delivers to Health Care Providers

As Americans debate the best options for health care reform, one fact is undisputed: technology investments are already playing a major role in improving patient services and creating a healthy bottom line for physician groups and health care providers. At The TM Group, we’ve been helping health care organizations both big and small gain beneficial results by making a move to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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