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Microsoft Dynamics: The Grass is Greener in the Cloud

Running multiple disparate systems in your company is not only inefficient, but it isn’t the most environmentally-friendly way to operate either. The technology exists to create a greener, paperless office and reduce your dependence on manual processes and costly hardware. Money and time spent on reams of paper, printers, toner, servers and Excel spreadsheets adds […]

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Leverage Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP for a Greener Workplace

It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to comply with a growing set of local environmental regulations and with customer requirements that it run a greener business. A greener business means a couple of things: sustainability and productivity. Green businesses waste fewer resources and leverage the right tools to make the most of their […]

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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Makes it Possible to ‘Stay Lean’ and ‘Go Green’

According to this article, both lean and green are achievable through the careful selection and implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. Not only are they achievable, but they are really one in the same. We here at Sikich thoroughly agree and think now, more than ever is a great time for businesses […]

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Is Dynamics GP A Green Solution?

When it comes implementing green IT, most companies focus on the server and infrastructure side, and with good reason.  Servers can require a large amount of electricity to run them, not to mention the power needed to run separate AC units to keep them from overheating.  But what about software?  New ERP software can make […]

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Connecticut Companies Educated On “Greening” The Supply Chain

I came across this webcast offered by a local Connecticut company (CONNSTEP) that consults with small and midsized manufacturing companies; it looks interesting.  When Connecticut distribution and manufacturing companies looking to purchase new ERP/accounting software call CAL Business Solutions, “green” questions come up more and more often. So why not check out this session! "Greening" the […]

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