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Stunning and Seamlessly Integrated Reporting with Dynamics GP

written by Nicholas Sim Are you looking for an easy way to report data out of Dynamics GP while avoiding the hassle of setting up tedious integrations or connections? While there are several options available to handle this task, no software is as beneficial or as stunning as Power BI. Alternatives like Qlik and Tableau, […]

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Your Sales and Operations Folks Are Not Lazy!

Many business intelligence tools are coupled with visualization tools that make it extremely easy to create reports from scratch and execute ad hoc analyses.  So why won’t those sales and operations folks make use of these tools for self-service reporting for faster, better decision making as touted in all of the business intelligence literature?  I’m […]

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Want to Improve your Business Intelligence? Look no Further than Dynamics GP.

Everyone has data, but does that data really give you insight? With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can gain the types of business intelligence all organizations want—the kind that helps you to make smarter decisions and increase your efficiency, in real time. When they choose Dynamics GP, small and midsize businesses gain access to the type […]

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6 Easy Steps to GREAT Dynamics GP Reports

With most customers of Dynamics GP, how and in what manner you get your data out of the system is critical.  Most customers eventually need supplemental reports that go beyond the standard reports available.  Assuming this is a more complex report that cannot be easily handled via Microsoft Dynamics GP Smartlists, you will be looking at […]

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