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Case Study: AIM Delivers Custom Operational Software within Microsoft Dynamics GP

A large service organization had a custom legacy operational program that was on its last leg. It wasn’t just a question of if it would cripple operations, it was a question of when. Furthermore, while it did integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting and payroll data, it took upwards of eight hours to complete these […]

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Get Smart (Two Smart Tools for Every Microsoft Dynamics GP User)

AIM Technologies’ consultants are crazy about two very smart tools that every Microsoft Dynamics GP customer should own. They’re so handy that we include them on all new customer proposals. SmartView (from eOne Solutions) We love SmartList and we teach all of our customers to take advantage of the power of ad hoc queries to […]

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The Value of a Solid Maintenance Plan For Your Mission Critical Data

In Louisiana, we’re quite used to disaster recovery planning. After Katrina, we learned a thing or two about where to store those backups and how to get to them if, say, your server is under 6 feet of water. But on an average day, most business owners just don’t think about the backups. So many […]

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Implementing ERP And CRM Solutions In A Climate Of Change

When meeting with customers to begin the process of integrating new software into their organization, I am always amazed by the impulse to recreate the way things are currently being done  into the new solution. Inevitably, if I ask, “how do you want this to work in the new system,” I get an overview of how it’s […]

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Managing Rental Equipment In Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you’re in the equipment leasing business, odds are you have longed for a comprehensive accounting package to help manage rental activity as well as financial management.  Of course, many software packages offer one of the two, but combining them into one solution? Yes, it is possible with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Depending on the complexity […]

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Choosing A Real Estate Property Management ERP Software

Finding a property management software solution to track activities for commercial and residential real estate leasing that is also integrated with accounting and financial management in a single application can be tricky.  Sure, there are plenty of property management software packages available, but how do you choose?  Here are a few things you might consider […]

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