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This is fleet management with DynaRent certified for D365

Fleet management with DynaRent Effective fleet management can be a real challenge for international equipment-driven rental organizations. With locations and depots across countries all over the world, situating your equipment is quite difficult. And you need to manage everything everywhere continuously, while the clock is ticking. Since time is money, you need to optimize utilization […]

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Powerful ways how Graphical Equipment can help save a lot of time

DynaRent provides easy access to equipment availability on the depot, national, or global level. Due to our software’s highly visual approach, it allows your rental operations team to easily make decisions focused on equipment availability and maximum utilization rates. DynaRent’s Graphical Equipment Availability dashboard pulls critical elements from detailed equipment records into interactive overviews. In […]

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How to get an intelligent data gathering network with IoT

Equipment management is undergoing a revolution in the way that data is collected and used to ensure that both managers and operators are safer and more knowledgeable. At the center of these changes is internet-of-things (IoT) technology, which has enabled the creation of vast data collection points and integrated them into an intelligent, flexible data gathering […]

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DynaRent Task Guide Experience | How to optimize the user experience

Making life easy for DynaRent users is always the highest priority for HiGH Software. Therefore, is user experience one of the most important aspects of every solution. It is also the aspect that needs the most “custom fit” solutions. That’s why the latest version of DynaRent for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations takes full advantage of the new Dynamics […]

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Want great rental project overviews for equipment, resources, and activities? Look into DynaRent Graphical Planning

Equipment-driven rental projects really call for “one-stop” or centralized insight for success. You need to ensure that you meet budget, requirements, and timeline for a single project.   In many cases, you may be handling multiple projects that call on you to coordinate equipment, manpower, transport, etc. so that activities and availability don’t overlap. Full […]

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