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Happy New Year – Long live GP in 2021 – Join us for a What’s New Webinar on Dynamics GP 18.3

Happy New Year to everyone using Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)! **  2021 YouTube Greeting ** Long live GP in 2021 - Join us for a 'What's New' Webinar on Dynamics GP 18.3 Welcome to 2021, we're excited for the year ahead as clients continue to adapt and respond to new economic, government, and competitive […]

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4 Tips for Setting Up Security in Dynamics GP

Setting up your Microsoft Dynamics GP security can be daunting. The great thing about it is that you can be VERY specific about what users are able to do (what they view, which tasks they can perform, etc). You can customize the roles to fit your company. The problem is that you actually have to […]

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iOS 7 Prepares Apple for the Enterprise

Apple’s newly released iOS 7 has several features that Enterprise IT has been craving! These new features are centered-around remote device management and security and authentication down the application level.  Both are significant for Enterprise IT support because it allows the proper policies to be put in place.  According to Erik Frieberg, VMware “in iOS […]

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Your Data is Safe in our Cloud North of the Border

In recent news there has been an uproar amongst US companies regarding the NSA Prism Program. It’s been said that the US government had direct access to data stored on servers of well-known companies; this news was leaked by whistle blower Edward Snowden.   "The PRISM disclosures are damaging, and I think I'm prepared to […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Security Enhancements

Earlier in the year I discussed a few high level enhancements coming to GP 2010; this go around I wanted to dive a little deeper into the Security features. Users can expect GP 2010 to be available in full force May 1st, 2010! Copy User Security Imagine you are the administrator for a GP company […]

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