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Gain Efficiency in Microsoft Dynamics GP Lot Tracking with WithoutWire™ WMS – demo

What if you could simplify how you track inventory lots and cut your data entry labor by 30% at the same time?  Appolis presents a demonstration of lot and expiration date tracking of inventory in Microsoft Dynamics GP without and with WithoutWire™ (WoW) Warehouse WMS.  Creating PO’s and then Receiving; creating SO’s and then Picking; […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP for Manufacturing – The Features You Need

As a member of the manufacturing team here at Altico Advisors, I spend 40-60 hours a week (which sometimes feels like 24 hours a day) working with new manufacturing clients to implement the Microsoft Dynamics GP manufacturing modules, train, trouble shoot, develop workflows, write reports. Or, I’m working with our existing manufacturing clients to enhance […]

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What Can Microsoft Dynamics GP (ERP) Do for the Supply Chain?

When I come across a great article about Microsoft Dynamics GP, I feel compelled to share it with our blog readers.  This is especially true when the article relates to manufacturing and supply chain, which are my areas of expertise.  So I want to thank Rakesh Kumar, Global Industry Product Director Manufacturing Industry, at Microsoft […]

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What Kind of Manufacturer is Your Company: Process or Discrete?

In these times, there is rarely any product that consumers purchase and make daily use of that did not go through the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process usually derives from the extraction of raw materials to be altered then made into finished goods (most commonly on a large scale).  What is the manufacturing process, really?  […]

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