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Avoiding the Five Accounting Mistakes Made by Government Contractors

With complex demands and oft-changing contract and accounting regulations, government contracting work can be a headache.  And with today’s heightened awareness about how taxpayers’ money is spent, the regulations and requirements are likely to become even more binding.  But your organization can avoid the common accounting mistakes of government contracting—and, in so doing, comply with […]

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What Is So Unique About a Government Compliance Accounting Solution Anyway?

Compliance, compliance, compliance! As a software professional with over 15 years in the government contracting market, I find the that the fear of failing a DCAA audit is the biggest driver for government contractors to search for a new financial accounting package.  Whether you are a start-up, have won your first cost-plus contract, or are facing […]

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DCAA Compliance Made Easier with Microsoft Dynamics SL

Gaining financial and operational control over projects is critical to ensuring compliance with the government and profitability for your organization. Government Contractors face challenges including generating reports, capturing cost by cost objective, tracking allowable vs. unallowable costs, and more.  SBS Group & Microsoft Dynamics SL provides a Government Contracting solution with benefits including: Traceability of […]

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