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ACA Penalties Are Coming

The political climate what it is, many employers have been holding out hope for penalty relief for not offering coverage, not offering affordable coverage and for not filing the necessary ACA forms with the IRS. The most recent legislation that was pulled for consideration in the House of Representatives would have provided relief to employers […]

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How Can PaperSave Help Your Organization? And What are the Future Plans for the PaperSave Software?

PaperSave, a software developed by WhiteOwl, is a complete document management, electronic workflow, and transaction automation solution that directly interface with Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and other ERP systems. The advantages of the PaperSave Document Management Solution are more than just going ‘Green’ and reducing paper.  Here is […]

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Balancing Your Current and Future Business Needs with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The key to the game Jenga is mastering the balancing act while planning your future moves. Playing it safe will only get you so far because if your opponent is strategizing ahead and you’re not, it could all come tumbling down around you. The same can be said for business. You need to stack your […]

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to 2012…and beyond with Microsoft Dynamics GP!

Set for release this weekend is the disaster/doomsday movie thriller “2012”; which chronicles the end of human civilization as predicted by the Mayan calendar.  Great.  Just as the economic recovery from the worst recession since the Great depression is finally taking place, we now have to face a cataclysmic event that will make even the […]

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