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The Lonely, Complex Job of the Compliance Officer

Compliance Officers are focused on the seemingly mundane record-keeping details and complicated reporting associated with various regulatory agencies.  It’s often a thankless and lonely job that requires a keen attention to detail as well as a generous amount of patience.  Often unknown to most colleagues, Compliance Officers can be the thin line that protects businesses […]

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Big Data is Important Throughout your Business, Human Resources Included

Businesses generate volumes of data each and every day which, when managed properly, can lead to insights that drive growth. The human resources and payroll departments also generate volumes of data and these metrics can make a difference with improving productivity, talent and labor management, and also contribute to your bottom line. As discussed in […]

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Tracking Your Employees: Is the Right Person on the Right Job?

Part of preparing an annual corporate budget includes the careful evaluation of your employees. There are costs behind employing specific people for the tasks they perform or the projects that they work on. Often businesses will use simple spreadsheets to calculate budgets, including full-time equivalent (FTE) data. There is an easier and more efficient way […]

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Good, Better, Best: What Payroll Solution Fits Your Business?

Having options is good, especially when it comes to business software. There are so many innovative products to choose from,  you can surely find the right solution that is best suited for your business. Preparing payroll absolutely requires the right software. You don’t want to waste time or make errors when it’s time for payroll, […]

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