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How Free is Management Reporter?

In this article, I’ll discuss Management Reporter as one of your financial reporting options, specifically regarding what it will cost you to implement and manage the tool, compared to other software.    Similar to most accounting systems, Microsoft Dynamics has an ecosystem of financial report writing options for their users ranging from built-in reporting functions […]

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5 Alternatives to FRx

You might be tired of hearing about FRx’s retirement, and we feel your pain – it’s old news.  At the same time, since finance teams around the world have used the free financial reporting tool by Microsoft for years with some still hanging on to FRx, the transition to a new report writer has been […]

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Step Up from FRx and Managerment Reporter to BIO

You write the report, test it, run it. “This report is fantastic.  It would be even better if you could just add a column for…”  Back to the Report Designer.  If you are using FRx or Management Reporter, you may know this story.  FRx and Management Reporter are static report writers.  The time has come […]

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FRx–What’s Next?

Still using FRx?  It still works and your staff knows how to use it, right?  But all good things must come to an end and this is no exception.  Instead of thinking about your FRx replacement, maybe it’s time to think about stepping up to a more robust reporting and analysis solution that will give […]

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The Ups and Downs of Migrating from FRx to Management Reporter

Switching to Management Reporter (MR) or an alternative report writer is inevitable.  FRx will no longer be supported by Microsoft after July 8, 2014.  In addition, to keep up with technology advances you will be forced to switch as FRx is not supported on a 64 bit operating system;  it runs on a 32 bit […]

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Justifying the Replacement of FRx with a Microsoft-Excel Based Report Writer

You may be asking, 'why should I purchase a Report Writer when Management Reporter is free.'  If you review the choices of alternative report writers, one thing stands out:the majority of report writers use Microsoft Excel as their platform.  Why is that, and is it worth the extra cost?  Here are some convincing reasons why […]

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