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Add Barcode Inventory Control to Dynamics GP and Vicinity

If you are a formula manufacturer then consider having a lunch & learn and join Panatrack and Vicinity Manufacturing for an informative webinar on barcode-based inventory management within Dynamics GP and Vicinity Manufacturing.   Get rid of those spreadsheets and gain confidence in your inventory!  Provide your workforce with an easy-to-use tool to record inventory transactions […]

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Tips for Formula / Recipe Security in the Cloud or On Site

Formula and recipe based manufacturers have always required tight security to protect their hard work and laboratory secrets from getting into the competition's hands.  As a value added reseller of Dynamics GP and Vicinity Manufacturing software,  CIS has encountered many companies that fit this profile.  Formula manufacturers have chemists and often the owners that develop […]

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The Evolution of Scheduling for Process Manufacturers

From my perspective companies evolve into their manufacturing scheduling process as their business evolves.  Attempting to implement a complex scheduling model when a company is beginning to automate their ERP is often a mistake.  The key is to take a realistic view of what stage the company is in and grow from there. Formula manufacturing […]

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4 Ways Formula Manufacturers Can Use ERP Software to Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

One of the most overlooked sources of profit in a formula manufacturing organization is in the existing business processes. Do you need to reduce inventory shrinkage? Take the Inventory Shrinkage Quiz: Go to your system (manual or computerized) and look up the quantity on hand of 10 raw materials. Then go count the inventory on […]

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Formula Manufacturers: Inventory Control Issues A Recipe For Disaster

Most formula manufacturers that I encounter are constantly looking at ways to improve their inventory costs and reliability.  Nothing is worse for them than having a customer order and/or production ticket ready for staging only to find that the raw materials are not available.   During my review of business processes for prospects, many times the Material Planner/Purchasing Manager is […]

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