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ERP Equips Distribution Companies to Preserve More Profit Under Pressure

Distribution companies are under intense competitive pressure to offer more value to customers, sooner, and at lower prices. How do you preserve margins in this environment? An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, tailored specifically to streamline your operations, solves this challenge. Disconnected software systems, where the software in accounting, sales, inventory management, and other departments […]

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SQL Server Reporting Services Versus Crystal Reports

If you are looking into buying Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will be interested in the reporting tools available. Reports are an essential part of any ERP system; a good report not only gives the right information but is also produced in the right format for a specific end user, particularly managerial level. It can be […]

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MS Virtual Convergence 2010 Available

If you had a chance to attend Convergence in Atlanta this year you probably found yourself overwhelmed by the number of sessions and exhibitors over the 4 days.  And chances are you didn’t attend even half of what you wanted. Well, good news! Microsoft has finally opened the doors for its “Virtual” Convergence on the […]

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What’s New In GP 2010 (GP 11)

As many of you may or may not know, Microsoft recently announced the name change for the next iteration in its line of Dynamics GP products; from GP 11.0 to GP 2010. This will be more in line with both their office series and the enhanced SharePoint 2010 with a similar naming convention. I wanted […]

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5 Benefits of On-Demand ERP Software

There is no doubt about the benefits that an ERP system will bring to a business of any size; nonetheless, a traditional implementation process can be so expensive and complicated that will make it unaffordable for some small/mid size companies nowadays.

To this end, some business solution providers in this highly competitive market now offer the On-Demand ERP Application Software system

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5 Ways To Solve Day-to-Day Challenges with Effective Business Management/ERP Software

The right business management/ERP software can make an enormous difference in how smoothly and profitably your company runs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do these 5 things: Control costs and expenses – With the right software, you’re able to see exactly what’s going on in all parts of your company, you can make […]

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Reporting and Financial Management Tools to Help Grow Your Business

In order to optimize your cash flow and make intelligent decisions about your financials, you need a set of tools you can trust. If your current financial management tools aren't up to speed, you quite frankly don't have complete control over your capital. In order to optimize your cash flow and make intelligent decisions about […]

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5 Winning Strategies to Recession-Proof Your Business

Job growth is at a standstill. Sales are in a slump. And credit is tight. But it's hard to keep the economy down for long. In fact, the average length of a recession in the past five decades is just 11 months. How can your company be prepared to hit the ground running when good […]

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ERP and BI – A Perfect Combination

Companies today have mountains of data in their ERP and enterprise applications. And with the economy forcing us to do more with less, many are leaving this data largely untapped. Massive amounts of data can be overwhelming and complex, but the good news is that Business Intelligence tools can help deciper the data and add […]

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Tips to Making an ERP Upgrade a Success

Most organizations are realizing their ERP system is not just a key part of their IT strategies, but one of their most important and sensitive corporate assets. ERP systems should have at least a 15- to 20-year useful life, but over that time they will need to be maintained and enhanced to protect their value […]

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