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Your ZIP code might be creating audit risk. Here’s why..

Did you know that the way your tax rate tables are set up in your ERP system can make or break your business? Do you know how their set up for your business? That’s because most rate tables are based on ZIP codes. And ZIP codes can be completely inaccurate. Like using a tricycle to […]

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Automating the Exemption Certificate Lifecycle

Prudent and proactive businesses are constantly investigating and implementing new methods to reduce their sales and use tax audit liability and increase staff productivity because these savings go directly to the bottom line. In today’s economic environment, these goals have taken on added urgency. Virtually all states are experiencing significant revenue drops coupled with higher […]

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Nowhere to Hide in California – The Statewide Compliance & Outreach Program Team Comes a Knocking

Better be prepared to review all of your sales and use tax practices with the State of California.  The State Board of Equalization (SBE) just announced that businesses across the state of California, will be receiving letters from the SBE notifying them about upcoming visits from Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program (SCOP) teams. This round […]

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Everything is Taxable until Proven Otherwise

All it takes is just one missing, expired, or incorrect sales tax exemption certificate for your business to be at risk of losing thousands of dollars in an audit.  While you might think this is a slight exaggeration, it has become a hard reality for many businesses. The truth is that your non-taxable sales are […]

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Don’t Become a Sales Tax Castaway

Small and midsized businesses are disproportionately impacted by sales taxes. Sales taxes are an ongoing, constant, immediate tax levied regardless of other business activities and conditions. Overhead costs for sales tax management can include tax research time, collection and storage of customer exemption certificates, calculation and application of sales tax rate to transaction or invoice, […]

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