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Manage and Track Documents with a Paperless Solution: MetaDocs

  Keeping records is an important part of business, companies can store, PO's, invoices, shipping documents, quality documents, agreements, and more. Managing and sharing them, especially among employees working remotely, can be a time-consuming process involving lots of paper. Paper-based records also are cumbersome to back up, making them more prone to lose in fires […]

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What Does This Year Hold For ERP Solutions and Manufacturing?

2020 is here! A new year and a new millennium. As the holidays end, and working begins, it’s hard to devote your or your employees’ time to the mundane tasks of years before. ERP solutions have chiseled away at time wasting tasks throughout the years, but in the wake of 2020, we want to know […]

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You had me at “hello”! Modern ERP

"You had me at 'Hello'" is a famous line from the movie, "Jerry Maguire", 1996 featuring Renée Zellweger and Tom Cruise. Well, Hello  ERP Software Blog and similarly to Jerry, I am going to outline the thesis behind who Modern ERP is and why we formed! We know that Microsoft Dynamics SL and GP (Legacy […]

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BroadPoint Expands Nonprofit ERP Offering to Benefit Nonprofits With Strategic Acquisition

BROADPOINT, A LEADING MICROSOFT ERP RESELLER, STRENGTHENS NONPROFIT ACCOUNTING OFFERING BY EXPANDING SERENIC NAVIGATOR AND DYNAMICS NAV CAPABILITIES THROUGH STRATEGIC ACQUISITION BroadPoint, an award-winning business and technology consulting firm specializing in Microsoft Dynamics for nonprofits including ERP, CRM, and membership solutions, recently announced the acquisition of The Jitasa Group's Technology Solutions (TS) division. The merger […]

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ACE Microtechnology Celebrates 15 Years!

This month  ACE is excited to be celebrating our 15th year Anniversary! This milestone marks more than just the accomplishment being measured in number of years. Rather, we will spend time to reflect upon the number of clients throughout the US and Outlying Countries we partner with and support.  By focusing on our core values, […]

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