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[Video] Are You Ignoring These Hidden ERP Costs?

Just like any long-term relationship, when you’ve had your accounting or ERP software for a while it’s natural to fall into a pattern that feels comfortable. You get to a point where you no longer question the status quo. This is understandable. No one likes to think about upgrading their accounting or ERP software. Especially […]

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What to Expect When Upgrading Your ERP Solution

What should you expect when upgrading your ERP solution? In a word: disruption – at least a little bit. If you use your Enterprise Planning (ERP) solution in a 100% vanilla-manner, then this probably doesn’t apply to you. For the rest of us, direct involvement is required to ensure that the configurations and customizations made […]

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Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Dynamics ERP Solution

Why Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution? In the Enterprise Planning (ERP) world, we often explain that implementing your solution is like building a house - start with a strong foundation, add options, etc. If that were the case, ERP upgrades might correspond to adding higher efficiency windows or appliances, installing infrastructure for “smart home” […]

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The 3 Worst Reasons To Not Upgrade Your ERP

When talking to businesses that want to upgrade their ERP, there are many legitimate reasons that they decide to wait – financial concerns, uncertainty about new requirements that may be coming down the road, time constraints, etc. Usually, one of those reasons is why a company puts off an upgrade. But to be sure, there […]

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Top 2 Reasons for Upgrading Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Software

By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors #1 - Efficiency Just for the sake of argument, let’s say you have a 20 year old air conditioning system that miraculously still works. But you could replace it with a new energy efficient unit that costs $600 and would save you $300 a year in electrical costs. Hmmm….What […]

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Has Your ERP Expired? Get a Fresh Copy of Microsoft Dynamics GP

If your company implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) program a few years back, now is a good time to take stock of the effectiveness of your software.  Many times, when ERP is implemented, it works great for a period of time, but as your business grows and changes, the software may not be able to […]

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Why Smart Companies Plan for the Upgrade Before the ERP Software Implementation

You have done the research and chosen the right ERP/accounting software package. But after the ERP software implementation is complete, the work is not done. Soon enough, it will be time to plan the upgrade. Just as an ERP software implementation project requires departmental coordination, careful forethought, and planning, upgrading that same system should not […]

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