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Choosing ERP Software: How Microsoft Competencies Help You Find the Right ERP Partner

One of the things that sets Microsoft business software apart from many other solutions is that it is supplied, implemented and supported by a strong, wide-reaching network of business partners. This network is not just a group of businesses that simply resell the software. Organisations that provide Microsoft Dynamics products for example, have to demonstrate […]

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New Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Shows a Great Future for the Product and Its Users

One of the most important criteria when selecting an ERP solution is having the assurance that the product will be maintained, developed and supported in the long-term. That’s because businesses that implement new ERP software don’t just want to get a return on investment, they want the system to carry on working for them, delivering […]

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Integrating Other Applications – Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Flexibility Means You Don’t Always Have to Reinvent the Wheel!

Here’s a dilemma that established organisations sometimes have when looking at investing in an ERP solution. They know they need a new system. They know they will gain major benefits from the functionality of a product like Microsoft Dynamics NAV. However, one or two specialist areas of their current business processes rely on heavily developed […]

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Seven Early Warning Signs That It Could Be Time To Change Your ERP Software

Successfully implementing an ERP system can take significant time, effort, and resources from nearly all areas of a business. Even when this effort is starting to become a distant memory, as long as the system seems to be working OK, it’s not easy start thinking about changing it. Often an organisation will only consider changing […]

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Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a Great Solution for Small (As Well As Not-So-Small) Businesses

Around 80,000 organisations throughout the world use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to streamline their business processes and increase their business efficiency and competitiveness. It’s a great tool for organisations in a wide variety of industries, segments, and verticals and is predominantly used in the mid-sized business market. Theoretically, the number of users an organisation can have using […]

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How Important is Price when Choosing an ERP Solution?

Price is of course a factor in choosing an ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. But when taken in context with the other considerations involved in the decision, just how important is it? When asked what they considered the most important factors were in choosing an ERP solution, a recent survey of senior finance, […]

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ERP in the UK – What is it with Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a strong and growing presence in the UK. Over the past few months, and particularly since last Novembers’ major product enhancement, the business requirements of an increasing number of our clients have pointed towards them Microsoft Dynamics NAV. So why is this?

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