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These are the latest developments in the construction equipment industry

In the year 2016, the global construction equipment market was valued at $159.35 billion US. This is mainly due to the surge in the mining industry, especially in developing countries all over the world. The introduction of advanced technology and gear to maintain this equipment has helped to reduce the operational costs of the machinery […]

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Why preventive maintenance is important for rental companies

Because capital assets (equipment) are essential to the operational processes of equipment-driven rental companies, the downtime of the assets needs to decrease. Therefore, within equipment-driven rental companies, preventive maintenance is a key topic. The availability of spare parts is another important issue in this. It influences maintenance delays directly (in the case of corrective maintenance) […]

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These are the latest trends in the global crane market

The global crane market is expected to grow over 2% in the coming years, according to a forecast for the period of 2018-2025. The annual turnover should rise to almost $10 billion US. Because cement plants are also growing and the demand for ship building is higher, the growth of the mobile crane market is […]

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How the equipment rental industry is becoming environmentally friendly

Our environment is being threatened by pollution generated by heavy construction equipment manufacturers. But this sector is also coming up with new green machines and various steps to become environmentally friendly and pollution-free. In line with these expectations, construction equipment producing facilities and companies are now focusing on manufacturing equipment that has far greater fuel […]

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The benefits of effective service planning for rental organizations

Having an efficient service planning for your service engineers is very important for every equipment-driven rental company. This to ensure you can deliver the equipment that your customers request and always keep a close eye on how to increase both physical and financial utilization rates of your equipment. Manual and semi-automated service planning Since service […]

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This is what you need to know about DynaRent’s graphical plan board

Planning resources throughout your organization can be a full-time job considering the amount of work that requires planning and the different agendas each employee has. Finding the correct resource for the job can therefore be tricky and time-consuming without a good overview of all the agendas and the pending work. With DynaRent’s graphical plan board, […]

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Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012 Mainstream Support Ending Soon

Mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2009 and AX 2012 will end soon. All Microsoft products have a lifecycle that begins when the product is released and ends it’s no longer supported. Dynamics AX products are normally supported for 10 years from the release date. Here is what you need to know:   What are the […]

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How DynaRent helps equipment rental companies to share fleets easily

Effective fleet management can be a real challenge for international equipment-driven rental organizations. With locations and depots across countries all over the world and projects running in many different locations, situating your equipment can be quite difficult. Larger international equipment rental organizations often do not only want to enable global fleet management to increase utilization […]

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From overlayering to extensibility: what benefits does it bring you?

The shift to extensibility explained Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365 FO) can be extensively customized by: Independent software vendors (ISV), Value added resellers (VAR), And even by some customers using the solution(s) (CUS) In this landscape, our DynaRent Solutions Suite is an equipment-driven rental & services (ISV) solution designed for and leveraging […]

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The advantages of DynaRent and Innius for rental companies

From blockchain to the Internet-of-Things (IoT), technology advancements are slowly changing the way we do business in the equipment rental industry. More information is available than ever before. IoT solutions help you gain insight into your data, make better decisions and detect problems before they arise. Thanks to the increasing number of cloud devices, like DynaRent […]

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