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How to avoid ERP project failures before they happen

ERP implementation projects are complicated, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But even so, why do so many software implementation projects fail? At Pipol, we have deep experience with recovery of projects. And we’ve learned a lot along the way. We see ourselves not as “experts in failure” but experts in redeeming projects that have been […]

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Managing Risks and Issues on Your ERP Project

Every project worth doing has risk. And every ERP project that consumes resources, time, money and attention will inevitably have a long list of risks that need to be managed, or at the very least monitored. Sometimes you hear people use the terms Risk and Issue interchangeably as if they were describing the same thing. In […]

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Dynamics AX – Benefits of Team Investment in User Testing

Implementing your new Dynamics AX system is already a high priority for your business. You have spread your team thin and taken them away from their already full schedule to participate in design sessions, project meetings, and document reviews for your ERP project. It can be tempting to trust that during unit, data migration, and […]

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The ERP Implementation Partnership: Human Factor vs. Tools & Procedures

We all have implementation methodologies and the tools that go along with them. While debating the merits of particular tools and the advantages of increased sophistication versus user buy-in, we can agree that our project tools are necessary components in a successful implementation. That said, there are more interesting components in a project. Once the […]

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5 Things to Look For in a Top Microsoft Partner

What things should you look for in a top Microsoft Partner? In our business of consulting, there is a plethora of Microsoft Partners, vendors and service providers – actually over 640,000 and counting. Who stands out?  At the end of the day, the question becomes, how do consultants differentiate themselves?  The answer is simple - by executing on […]

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Beyond Waterfall: A New Take on ERP Deployment

I’d like to add a Project Manager’s perspective to Elliot’s post, “Losing Site of the Shore: Moving Forward with ERP and CRM.”   The process traditionally chosen to manage an ERP project, a “waterfall” deployment model, has caused many projects to fail . This is not just in the “over budget / behind schedule” sense, but […]

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