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Dynamics GP 2013 Limited User Licenses: What are They and How Much Do They Cost?

Have you ever thought it would be nice for more people in your organization to have access to GP 2013? This is a thought that often crosses the minds of our current customers and prospects. But two common concerns often lead them to quickly give up the notion of extending access to Dynamics GP. Those […]

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Three Things to Know About Microsoft Dynamics ERP Licensing

It’s becoming increasingly important to understand the complicated nature of software pricing and licensing. Companies may need to lean on technology for advanced functionality, but the licensing costs shouldn’t break the bank. And you shouldn’t be stuck in something you can’t manage or even understand. So let’s take a look at the top three things […]

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UK Offer on Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Buy One License, Get Three

Deployed correctly, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help you reduce costs throughout your organization: from sales and marketing through manufacturing and operations to administration and accounting (and just about everything else in between). And at the same time as delivering a wide range of efficiency gains, Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you run your entire business. Towards […]

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5 Foolproof Ways To Better Control Your Costs With ERP Software

As customers become more price conscious, making accurate and precise estimates respecting time and cost budgets and using resources effectively have become a part of the challenges that your business must face every day.  You can no longer afford the luxury of approximating costs or tracking projects by simply using Excel spreadsheets. While budget estimates […]

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Cash for Clunkers – Time to Trade in Your old ERP software?

The overwhelming success of the government sponsored cash for clunkers automobile incentive program has everyone thinking of what else can be “traded” in for something better. Manufacturers, distributors and vendors are getting extremely creative in offering their customers opportunities to benefit from the economic downturn by replacing outdated or ineffective “technology” with something newer and more […]

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How To Reduce The Cost of ERP and CRM Licenses Using Microsoft Sharepoint

Most companies today still have islands of information throughout their organization.  Accounting has their own general ledger, receivables, and payables systems.  Other departments like sales, human resources, or manufacturing often have their own systems, non-integrated applications and tons of resulting duplicative data.  For example, both the accounting and manufacturing departments would have their own vendor […]

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