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Investing in Dynamics 365: 6 Crucial Questions to Address

Despite its massive business potential, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is having an identity problem in the marketplace. It is often considered to be little more than an experiment in the repackaging of soon-to-be-unsupported versions of Microsoft’s more outdated ERPs. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than a rebranding; it’s an avenue through which Microsoft is allowing […]

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What Business Investments Are Worth Making? ERP Software Tops the List

According to this article, Mark Raskino, Vice President for Gartner market research, told the Financial Times that ERP systems, e-commerce and customer relationship management software are the “top picks” for IT spending among business leaders. ERP Software has been going strong for a good 20 years now and is currently well-understood in the marketplace, helping […]

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ERP Software Proves To Be a Smart Investment

According to this article, “Investing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can make a company a more attractive prospect for potential investors”.  This is largely because ERP software can help a company create an appropriate level of reporting standards, assume firm control over all business practices, and make compliance with stock exchange regulations easier.  So […]

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