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Legacy Versus Cloud ERP, What’s the Difference?

Even though cloud ERPs are not brand new, there is still some confusion over the difference between them and legacy (on premise) ERP systems. I hope that the simple explanation I give in today’s blog post will help clear up some of that confusion and make your decision of which option to choose a little […]

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Top 10 ERP Software Failures of 2011: Steps to NOT making the list!

We would all rather learn from others'  BIG mistakes instead of making them ourselves, right?  Although many of us strive to achieve the "Top 10" lists for the year, I truly hope none of you have had personal experiences like the ones listed in the "10 Biggest Software Failures of 2011".  In fact, I'd like […]

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Easy-to-Use ERP Software IS Possible!

If you asked your employees today whether or not your ERP software system is easy to use…what would they say? According to a survey conducted by IFS World, among 200 executives with mid-large manufacturing companies throughout North America, almost 40 percent of respondents said that their enterprise software was “somewhat difficult to use,” 13 percent characterized […]

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