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Why Canada is the Best Place to Start Your Business

View our free webinars  Take our FREE ERP Assessment According to World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Rank, Canada ranked the 2nd country in the world for starting a business (New Zealand took the 1st place if you're curious). Vancouver and Toronto always make the lists of the best cities for startups. So, what makes Canada […]

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Is it time to replace your old accounting software?

  As your business grows in size and complexity, the tools that once supported you may now be holding you back. You’re faced with an important decision: replace your basic accounting software or continue down a path that leads to dissatisfied customers, lost sales, and the risk of falling behind your competition. If you recognize […]

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Project Madeira: I Kinda Get It, But Not Really

Microsoft recently announced project Madeira, a cloud-based small business accounting package built on the Navision code base. I applaud Microsoft for finally tweaking one of their accounting technologies to be cloud-enabled, a project that’s been in the works for over a decade. In my discussions with design engineers, they’ve done an amazing job in the […]

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Back to ERP Basics with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your business probably started small, but with hard work and dedication you grew it to where it is today. When you get to the point where your existing systems start to impede your growth potential, that’s the time to take the next steps. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you gain greater control over your financials, […]

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[Free eBook] 5 Signs You Should’ve Already Upgraded from QuickBooks

The best time to upgrade from QuickBooks is as soon as you hire someone to do your bookkeeping. QuickBooks is great for initial small business record keeping, but when your company flourishes and expands, it's time to get serious about security and fraud-prevention.

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Add Forward Momentum To Optimism With An ERP Solution

As reported by the Arizona Business News, small businesses are reporting the highest levels of optimism in over eight years.  As major contributors to the gross domestic product and with the largest share of hiring, small businesses can impose a positive impact to the economy.  Small businesses can maintain that optimism and drive growth with […]

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