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5 Steps for Improving Demand Planning and Forecasting

In Green Beacon's blog last November we suggested "Strategies for Improving Inventory Management in Distribution/Wholesaling". This month, we'll discuss the reasons why and the methods for improving demand planning forecasting. Your top customer calls once again because the distributor stock levels are too low for an important promotion that is running at retail stores.  This […]

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Warehouse Management System (WMS) Considerations When Selecting ERP Software

Selecting the right ERP software for your business is a process you just can’t rush through. After all, the solution you decide on will manage the daily operations that are crucial to your business success. Primarily, you will need to figure out your overall budget and map out timelines associated with software implementation and training. You […]

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Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for Distributors

Every industry has specific KPIs, or key performance indicators, that should be constantly monitored to make sure the business is tracking to plan. For distributors, and any company that operates using a distribution business model, we’ve outlined five KPIs that should be on your radar.  The most accurate way to track these KPIs is by […]

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Top 5 Trends for Distributors and How Dynamics NAV Can Help

Regardless of your industry, it’s imperative to change in order to stay competitive – no one likes to be taken by surprise. Distribution companies in particular need to take note of the technology trends within the industry that can directly affect their success. Below are five trends that distributors need to be aware of in […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP and Cargas Energy Make a Perfect Software Pair for Energy Distributors

Delivering goods such as heating oil, propane, and motor fuels takes a lot of organization for energy distributors. Not only does your office need access to customer records, but your delivery crew or service technicians also require full insight into real-time information. Cargas Energy is a software package that can provide this insight in real-time […]

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