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Tips for Improving ERP User Adoption

Here are just a few of the top reasons an ERP project may be perceived as a failure, or fail to produce desired results: Insufficient end user training Users resisting change Failure to engage business stakeholders and system users, resulting in poor design These seem like easy things to address, but are very often challenging […]

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Lessons To Learn from ERP Software Implementation Failures-eBook

“While it is true that (ERP) implementations can go wrong, it’s also true that failure can often be avoided if company leaders simply learn from others’ mistakes.” This is a quote from a new eBook from Software Advice: “How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure: Success Stories and Key Considerations”. The author, Forrest Burnson, a Market […]

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10 Epic ERP Failures in 2011

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can be a tricky business. When all goes well, a business reaches unimaginable levels of success, but when problems arise, companies can find themselves in ERP hell. With the start of a new year, Computer World highlighted some of the epic failures in the ERP industry in the last 12 months: […]

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Why You’re Hesitant To Make A Software Change And Why You No Longer Have To Be!

According to many or most sociologists, people do not adapt well to change.  We are “creatures of habit” and we naturally react to our environment instead of changing it.  According to this Benchmark Preview for 2010, our avoidance to change proves to be true within the software world as well.  “Over 53% of implementing organizations […]

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