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E-Commerce Software Solutions 101: Choosing the Right Fit

With customer standards for e-commerce in B2B and B2C on the rise, the conversation around how to improve today’s web store experiences is abundant. These discussions often revolve around design, online selling capabilities, personalization, user generated content (UGC), streamlined checkout, and more. But the organizations with their sights set on e-commerce remain worried about all […]

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Investing in Dynamics 365: 6 Crucial Questions to Address

Despite its massive business potential, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is having an identity problem in the marketplace. It is often considered to be little more than an experiment in the repackaging of soon-to-be-unsupported versions of Microsoft’s more outdated ERPs. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than a rebranding; it’s an avenue through which Microsoft is allowing […]

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ERP E-Commerce: 6 Ways Microsoft Dynamics Data Enhances the B2B Buyer Journey [Infographic]

While the sizable investment may be a tough pill to swallow, the power that an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics encompasses undeniably transforms B2B business processes. Having a centralized hub for all your business logic, and client and product data is invaluable —especially if it means eliminating data replication altogether. However, investing in Microsoft Dynamics […]

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