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Selecting the Right ERP: Cloud or On-premises?

Your ERP system is sort of like your car: It's probably hard to imagine your day-to-day routine without it, even if you don't spend a lot of time consciously thinking about what it does. A car gets you to the office, the store and back home, while ERP underpins all of your key business processes […]

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Are you a Dark Knight or a Man of Steel when it comes to ERP deployment?

There are many important questions that you have to ask yourself when deciding to implement a new ERP solution for your business. We would like to suggest one more that should be added to your list… who do you prefer, Batman or Superman? While the relevance might not seem instantly obvious, after watching the latest […]

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Beyond Waterfall: A New Take on ERP Deployment

I’d like to add a Project Manager’s perspective to Elliot’s post, “Losing Site of the Shore: Moving Forward with ERP and CRM.”   The process traditionally chosen to manage an ERP project, a “waterfall” deployment model, has caused many projects to fail . This is not just in the “over budget / behind schedule” sense, but […]

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