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Spring Has Sprung – Time To Turn Over a New Leaf

The freshness and beauty of springtime often stirs up creativity and inspiration, which makes us want to try something new and different.  Are there things you’ve wanted to achieve for a while or goals that have been put aside?  We encourage you to apply that inspiration to turn over a new leaf with your business […]

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Want to Improve your Business Intelligence? Look no Further than Dynamics GP.

Everyone has data, but does that data really give you insight? With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can gain the types of business intelligence all organizations want—the kind that helps you to make smarter decisions and increase your efficiency, in real time. When they choose Dynamics GP, small and midsize businesses gain access to the type […]

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Microsoft Dynamics: Managing Different Inventory Rules

Does each inventory item in your warehouse have the same reordering guidelines? For most distributors, the answer is no. Certain items often require different restocking policies based on item type and historical usage. When trying to manage sets of inventory that need to be treated differently, you can either rely on mostly manual tracking or […]

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Risk Management: Protect Your Organization With KPIs

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, help an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals.  Simple enough.  But KPIs also serve as an indicator of activities or trends that can threaten the health of your organization.  Mitigate risk with easy access to KPIs The decision makers in your organization need regular, easy access […]

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Business Intelligence and ERP Software: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV help businesses increase efficiency and improve their processes. But any ERP solution as powerful as this uses and generates massive amounts of data. Business Intelligence (BI) is all about collecting, collating, analysing, and presenting the right data in an understandable way. The release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2 […]

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3 Essentials to Improving Decision Making with Microsoft Dynamics GP

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, now more than ever, businesses need to be more proactive and have the ability to access data and intelligence to help facilitate better decision-making.  Business intelligence (BI) capabilities in ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP can provide organizations with a wide range of reporting and analysis […]

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