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My 30-day experiment: Can I Run My Small Business on Dynamics 365?

What can you learn about an accounting system in the first 30 days?  Lots! For the past 30 days, I’ve been running an experiment.  My thought was that if I can use Dynamics 365 to run my small business, then I know my clients can too. The topic of moving your business to the cloud […]

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Benefits of Adding SmartView to your Microsoft Dynamics System

When you work with several different systems, reentering data in multiple places is inevitable. Or does it have to be? With SmartView from eOne, there’s no more data reentry between Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM, and even Excel spreadsheets. Let your customers do the work by entering their information into your online forms, where SmartView then […]

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Finding New Donors with Your Current Information in Dynamics GP

The financial support of donors is critical to your nonprofit’s continued success. While retaining current donors is less expensive than gaining new, you can’t rely on your current pool of donors to sustain your organization indefinitely. Finding new and loyal donors is a challenge for any nonprofit and is not only time-consuming but expensive. One […]

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eOne’s SmartList Builder squares off against Microsoft’s SmartList Designer

SmartList Builder has had quite a year. On January 1st  everyone’s favorite Dynamics GP module become solely part of eOne’s repertoire of Smart Software products. Over 13,000 mid-market companies have chosen SmartList Builder as their tool of choice to create SmartLists with its power to link up to 32 tables from Dynamics GP, ISVs, Third […]

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Why Our Dynamics GP Consultants Love SmartConnect

Our Dynamics GP Consultants love SmartConnect.  They want me to sell this product to every Dynamics GP prospect and if I don’t have it on the quote they want to know why.  SmartConnect is an integration tool for Dynamics GP, CRM, and beyond. It allows you to easily create your own integrations and provides […]

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