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BAN and Integrity Data Partnership Delivers Superior ACA Reporting Experience

A new partnership between the Benefit Advisors Network (BAN) and Integrity Data, a leader in Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance solutions, will support BAN member firms by delivering the insight and reporting mechanisms needed to manage changing regulatory obligations for employers under the ACA. The current healthcare environment is in the midst of disruption. Changes […]

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Employer Compliance with ACA Starts with Counting

Employer compliance with the Affordable Care Act starts with counting. Counting an employee’s hours per week. Counting an employee’s hours per month. Counting an employee’s hours when they may not even be on the job. Counting an employee’s hours when you don’t compensate them according to time. Miss a step in any of these counts […]

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To Really Be ACA-compliant, Employers Have To Show They Did Their Homework

  There are two students: one is an A student and other is failing. As the teacher, you look first at their tests and see that both students are passing every test. You scratch your head and wonder why one is failing. As you research further, you realize that the failing student isn’t turning in […]

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No Slipping through the Cracks: IRS Will Be Able to Catch an Employer’s ACA Noncompliance

There is still time to figure out how your company is going to meet its Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements for the IRS. Though you might just be hoping that the IRS won’t know you’re there as long as you file other returns on time, its new processing system specific to ACA returns will […]

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