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CEOs: Propelling the Business Forward

Business leaders each have different roles relevant to business growth. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) focuses on daily operations in addition to mapping the strategic direction of the business. Taking the business in the right direction requires ingenuity, forward-thinking, and reliable business information needed for data-driven decisions. Asking the right questions and leveraging data is […]

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Two Steps to Easier Payroll Management

Payroll processing can be an ugly beast. It can be time consuming, fraught with danger and generally a huge headache. If that sounds like your payroll day, week or fortnight, take heart. Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll along with Integrity Data’s game changing add-ons can tame the beast and eliminate the dangers. Here’s how: First, acknowledge […]

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BYOD And Flex Time – Nightmare Or Part Of Employee Retention?

Millennials, those employees that are about 40 years old and younger, are showing an increased interest in using their own devices at work and want the flexibility to be able to work from where ever and whenever they choose.  Businesses can view these new interests as a nightmare or put policies in place in order […]

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3 Ways to Get Control Over Complicated Payroll

Many businesses outsource payroll activities because they can be very complicated.  With the new release of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013, you can take back payroll and human resources functions and with affordable add-on solutions by Integrity Data, you can control challenging payroll situations.  Below are three solutions by Integrity Data that will help you tame […]

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Financial and Personnel Control Never Looked So Easy

Having control over your employee management is easier said than done.  When employees work for different departments, on multiple billable projects, and turn in expenses for these different areas, there is a lot of data to juggle.  Entering time and expenses in the appropriate general ledger account requires focus and a lot of time, unless […]

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