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It’s Time To Move into the Future With Paperless Solutions!

Although buzz phrases such as "cloud computing" and "big data" litter the Internet, there are many who consider paperless document management to be an important part of the innovative environment. Although many contemporary business professionals are beginning to realize that tangible files and record practices are obsolete, some maintain that it still has a place in the […]

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Two Reasons Today’s Business Needs Invoice Automation

Invoice automation is a necessity for today's business for a number of reasons, whether it's security, efficiency or merely keeping up with the ever- growing competition. Though some companies fear the changes associated with the move to paperless, document management software can actually improve customer and colleague relations as the electronic workflow of the office transforms. […]

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Document Management vs. AP Automation – What’s the Difference?

Hey, Document Management and AP Automation are not the same thing. Document Management’s primary goal is to create and save a document that used to be paper, digitize it, and put it into a database where that document can be searched for and retrieved. AP Automation’s primary goal is to replace manual steps in a […]

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How To Take Those Necessary Steps Toward Paperless Document Management

Wouldn't it be great to be able to manage all company documents through paperless document management?  For an employee, the frequent malfunctioning of the copy machine and printer jams obstruct them from getting necessary tasks done. The only person who benefits from such a blunder is the repairman and even he isn't often enthusiastic about driving up […]

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Going Paperless Made Easy with Document Management Software!

In the Corporate world, nothing is easy. Companies faces new challenges, even if a business achieves a lot of success. For instance, companies have to provide more supply to customers, hire additional employees, pay larger taxes and so on. Even though companies decide to go paperless, they face lots of challenges! How can companies make it […]

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