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eCommerce CRM or Standard CRM? What’s your pick?

eCommerce Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions   As we all know, eCommerce is a booming industry where several applications are flooded to grab everyone’s attention. But, is it the right fit for your webstore needs? You need to seriously think about the eCommerce CRM options (big or smaller applications providers, it doesn’t matter!) […]

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ERP and eCommerce Are Two Different Systems

Businesses today are well aware of the benefits of having an eCommerce store and integrating it with their backend ERP system. Being in the business of eCommerce and integration for a long time we have witnessed many companies benefit greatly from eCommerce and integration and many companies struggle with it despite their best efforts. In […]

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Grow Your Non-Profit With a Web Store Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics

Selling online is a valuable tool for any business, including non-profit organizations. For any organization, including non-profits, utilizing eCommerce helps grow brand recognition with increased visibility, creates a consumer that is informed about all products offered, drives sales, which in turn increases revenue, and provides a self-service portal accessible any time, from anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics […]

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Retailers: Consider an Omni-Channel Approach This Holiday Season, Including a Versatile Ecommerce Solution

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it is time to start thinking about a marketing strategy this year. One thing to consider is the importance of omni-channel. Where a multichannel approach worked in the past, the evolution of the modern day consumer alongside technological advances has led us down a different […]

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Improve Conversions on Your E-Commerce Website with These Tips

When it comes to developing and operating an ecommerce website, there are many tools available for businesses to use to better enhance the user experience. It is possible to present the user with visuals, reviews, and suggested add-ons that paint a picture of what a product would look like or how it would function in […]

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