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How to Enhance Your Web Store with Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Partnership      Frequently Asked Questions (Dynamics GP Integration) What’s the best way to enhance your web store with Dynamics GP and Magento? The one and only answer is x2x eCommerce! Here’s some feedback we've received from our customers: We can manage our sales process and developing business processes. We avoid typical growing pains and issues caused […]

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ERP with eCommerce Integration – Mistakes People Make

Business systems and processes can no longer remain isolated and disparate; the need of the hour is to have an ecosystem of connected systems. ERP and eCommerce are two such systems which add more value when integrated with each other. ERP on one hand streamlines back end processes, eCommerce on other hand directly impacts your […]

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Reasons for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and eCommerce Integration

In our last blog, “ERP and eCommerce are Two Different Systems” we had tried to underscore the importance of investing time and effort to understand the complexity of integration and setting up your expectations accordingly. But before we get there, it is important for businesses to be convinced about the reasons for integration, why they […]

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Using E-Commerce as the Connector Between ERP Systems

As the e-commerce system becomes the principal interface to a company’s clients and business partners, its ability to integrate with internal back office systems such as the ERP and CRM becomes critical to having a single view of products, inventory, customers and partners. This ability to extend and integrate a broad range of diverse systems […]

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Best Practices For eCommerce – Selling Across Multiple Online Storefronts

Accelerating Your Online Business Presence and Profitability If you operate or have thought of operating an online storefront, a question that you’ll want to answer is: “Should I sell across multiple online venues and storefronts?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Since 2004, numerous online businesses have directly benefitted from selling their products on multiple […]

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