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Stunning and Seamlessly Integrated Reporting with Dynamics GP

written by Nicholas Sim Are you looking for an easy way to report data out of Dynamics GP while avoiding the hassle of setting up tedious integrations or connections? While there are several options available to handle this task, no software is as beneficial or as stunning as Power BI. Alternatives like Qlik and Tableau, […]

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How to Upgrade Your Dynamics GP Database

With the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, many businesses are considering whether or not they should upgrade. One of the biggest issues of any upgrade, and certainly an upgrade involving an application used for day-to-day operations, is updating the underlying database. Financial records, time tracking data, customer records and more can be […]

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The Best Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Throughout its history, Microsoft has always excelled at creating ecosystems, building products that are easy to develop for, along with communities of users who continue to build on those products. Microsoft Dynamics is no exception. One of its greatest strengths is its extensibility, and the Dynamics community has certainly risen to the occasion, creating a […]

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Dynamics NAV vs. AX vs. GP vs. SL – Which One is Right for You?

From the flexibility of the Windows Operating System to the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft software has been an integral part of business operations in the modern world. While they may have been late to the ERP market (not entering it until 2001 when they purchased Great Plains Software), Microsoft has used their robust experience to […]

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Four Ways Accountants Must Adapt to Thrive

In today’s work world, many careers have the impression of being cool or fun or more fast-paced. For example, in the world of technology, programmers often get the credit for being adaptable, keeping up with modern advances in the industry, and shifting their methods to match technological advances. However, the common stereotype of the accountant […]

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Cloud Predictions for 2014

Cloud computing has become the rule and not the exception for applications in today’s business world. It is without doubt the default IT platform and the reality is a lot of organizations use multiple cloud environments delivered within different platforms. The challenge of managing these cloud environments in a consistent way has created the need […]

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Use eTraining For Your ERP Implementation

Today Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) are developed and implemented so fast that it is hard to keep up with all this surplus of information. What is more, companies should make sure that during and after the implementation, all employees must be adequately trained on the system’s capabilities. Using technology to facilitate this process is […]

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5 Common ERP Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Implementing a new ERP Software is a time for new learning experiences and challenges. There are some common mistakes that you want to avoid when implementing ERP software, remember this list so you can become a hero and not a victim of poor planning. Mistake 1: Not selecting the right vendor Browsing through a vendor’s […]

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What Customers Can Look Forward to in Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains 2013 (Part 1)

The release is almost here! Business is growing and so is technology; so look no further! Microsoft Dynamics GP is committed to  delivering a widespread vision and solution for your business. In part 1 of this blog I will be talking about 3 features that you can look forward to in the upcoming release.  Take […]

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