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Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy, What Does It Mean For Me?

As you might have heard, Microsoft released a brand-new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP earlier this month. As with all GP releases, it brought with it a ton of great features, a few favorites of which we showcased in a recent post on our company blog. Interested? Check it out here. But new features were […]

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E-Guide: Dynamics GP Year End Closing Tips from the Experts

Dynamics GP year end closing, it’s a stressful and busy time for most accountants. I daresay most of you would not consider it one of your favorite times of year. Even if you have alot of experience with the process, it can still seem daunting and be more time-consuming than you would like. However, there […]

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E-book: Eight Time-Saving Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks Every User Should Know

If you spend much of your day working inside Dynamics GP, I’d be willing to bet you are constantly on the lookout for Dynamics GP tips to help you save time and effort. In fact, requests for Dynamics GP tips are one of the most common things our consultants hear from clients. So, earlier this […]

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Vital Features in Dynamics GP: Classes and Types

Your Operational ERP system is about more than storing information — it’s about using your data to make forward-thinking decisions so you can see more ROI and more growth. Leveraging your data for success shouldn’t require the heavy lifting of cross-referencing and painstaking data entry. Are you using your Operational ERP system to cut back […]

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GP Tips: Generating Custom General Ledger Reports Using SmartList

 by Briley Acker, CPA Among the standard lists under the SmartList tool in GP is the Account Transactions report. This standard list can be quickly modified to give users a detailed General Ledger report that can be exported to Excel cleanly and promptly. Unlike the General Ledger report that can be pulled from the GP […]

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Add a Feature to an Existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Installation

Open control panel > Programs > Programs and features Select Microsoft Dynamics GP and click Change Select Add/Remove Features and it will move you to the next screen. Right click on the Fixed Asset Management feature (Or any feature that you want to install, provided it’s already installed on the server) and select ‘Run from […]

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Vendor Combiner & Modifier in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In some cases, there is a need to combine two vendors into a single vendor. For instance, if two vendors were set up independently but should only be a single vendor, and both have open or historical documents. Additionally, you may want to rename a vendor to streamline your vendor list or correct a typo. […]

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Bank Deposit, Bank Transactions, & Reconcile Bank Statement Windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In Dynamics GP there are a few windows related to cash receipt, bank activity and reconciliation of bank statements; below is a breakdown of each window: Bank Deposit – enter a deposit of funds (with or without receipt) that updates the checkbook Cash Receipt Entry – recording of funds received from a customer Bank Transactions […]

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Join the GP User Group for Dynamics GP Best Practices

Whether you’re new to Dynamics GP or a seasoned expert, here’s your chance to join an exciting, 31,000 strong user group community!  At a discounted rate, join your accounting peers and knowledgeable partners to learn Dynamics GP best practices as well as accounting best practices. Using the promotion code PRPAriett, join GPUG AND GPUG Summit […]

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