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What is Dynamics GP 2016 Year End Updates

RoseASP installs year-end updates for all of our customers, but we want to share some of the need-to-knows about Dynamics GP year-end payroll, including updates. Year-end Payroll Microsoft Dynamics GP customers will have a hard time closing the calendar without installing GP year-end updates for their version of the software.   Year-end closing procedures create the Year-end Wage file, […]

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Hosting Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud – evaluating IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Application hosting is, debatably, the most popular use case in modern cloud computing. By moving on-premise applications to a scalable cloud infrastructure, you eliminate the need for costly hardware purchases, maintenance, updates and other IT headaches. Put simply, by hosting your applications, you reduce your IT costs and free up the department for things that matter. As part of a select group of […]

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