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How to Enhance Your Web Store with Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Partnership      Frequently Asked Questions (Dynamics GP Integration) What’s the best way to enhance your web store with Dynamics GP and Magento? The one and only answer is x2x eCommerce! Here’s some feedback we've received from our customers: We can manage our sales process and developing business processes. We avoid typical growing pains and issues caused […]

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eCommerce CRM or Standard CRM? What’s your pick?

eCommerce Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions   As we all know, eCommerce is a booming industry where several applications are flooded to grab everyone’s attention. But, is it the right fit for your webstore needs? You need to seriously think about the eCommerce CRM options (big or smaller applications providers, it doesn’t matter!) […]

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Five Reasons Web Stores are The Future for B2B

eCommerce is everywhere and it’s never been easier to do business online. That’s true for Etsy artists and people selling artisanal soaps on Shopify but it’s also true for B2B organizations that never thought about setting up a web store. Our partners at k-eCommerce have a solution that integrates with Dynamics, which is why we’re […]

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Ecommerce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP for the Medical Equipment Industry

Businesses that manufacture and distribute healthcare equipment and medical devices that are looking for a way to start conducting business online need a solution that is user-friendly and able to successfully promote their products online. This industry can be tricky too, because not all products can be sold directly to consumers. Some products, for example, […]

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Adding One-Page Checkout to your Ecommerce Website Can Lead to an Increase in Conversions

The consumer that shops online is constantly evolving. In the beginning, consumers had concerns about ecommerce surrounding security, but as time has progressed, the buying and selling of goods and services online has continued to increase. With that growth, consumer trust of online shopping has increased as well, which has brought us to today’s consumer […]

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Improve Conversions on Your E-Commerce Website with These Tips

When it comes to developing and operating an ecommerce website, there are many tools available for businesses to use to better enhance the user experience. It is possible to present the user with visuals, reviews, and suggested add-ons that paint a picture of what a product would look like or how it would function in […]

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