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Must Watch Dynamics GP Training for New Users

If you’ve ever added someone to your accounting team who had no previous experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP, or they were used to a completely different workflow then what your organization uses, I am sure you’ve probably wondered, what the best way is to get these individuals comfortable with the system quickly. Since this is […]

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Free Dynamics GP training in NC on September 15, 2016

Are you tired of: Battling with your Microsoft Dynamics software to get it to do what you need? Routinely hearing yourself saying, "there must be a better way" whenever you use the program? Searching for tools to make your business more efficient, or your job less complicated? Struggling to understand the concept of cloud computing […]

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How to Streamline Purchase Orders Using a Dynamics GP Workflow

Do you wish you could make the Purchase Order approval and tracing process easier? The Dynamics GP workflow functionality helps to automate this and other common tasks. Setting up a Dynamics GP workflow gives you the ability to approve a document or master record based on certain criteria as set forth by your business model. How does PO workflow work, […]

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Save Time with These 3 Simple Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks

I prefer running training sessions for clients who have been using Dynamics GP for a while, as opposed to training users who are brand new to Dynamics GP.  Why?  Well, as I like to tell users, “Once you’ve used the software for a little while, you know what you don’t know.”  When everything is brand […]

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Unlock On-Demand Training, Robust Community Forums and More with Microsoft Customer Source

Whether you're new to Microsoft Dynamics or not, you may not realize that when you purchase one of the Dynamics ERP or CRM solutions, you also get access to an information packed web portal known as Microsoft Customer Source. It includes access to a library of on-demand training materials, active community forums where you can […]

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Will Your Dynamics GP Partner Still Care About Your After the Honeymoon Implementation Phase? VIDEO

When choosing a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner (or any other ERP partner) to work with, a key area to consider is what they offer AFTER the implementation. Of course customers who are in the middle of an implementation get lots of love and attention. It is the “honeymoon phase”. But what about several years down […]

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