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Tracking Budget Changes in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

As we all know, the first draft of a budget is rarely the same as the final draft of a budget.

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Why Do So Many ERP Software Projects Cost More Than Budgeted? (And Who is to Blame?)

The most common reason accounting software implementation projects go over budget is because the implementation consultant (Partner) is spending time working on things not included in the original quote.  This work is called “out of scope”. Here are a few examples of how this can happen: You see all the cool things the new system […]

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How to Insure That Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation Will Cost More Than You Planned (or How to Blow your ERP Budget in 6 Easy Steps): PART I

You’ve heard the horror stories… ERP implementations gone wild! You end up spending two to three times what you had budgeted. Well it doesn’t have to happen and it really shouldn’t.

The good news is that Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to make the implementation as easy as possible. And Microsoft has gone further to help assure successful and on-budget implementations through its Best Practices documentation called Sure Step. But there are still some “gotchas” that you need to watch for.

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