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If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to transform your business technologically, guess what?   Today is the day!   As a result of the newly passed tax reform bill, businesses of any size--whether small or large--will have access to new deductions. Your business now has a completely unprecedented opportunity to update its tech infrastructure. […]

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Simplified Grant Reporting and Analysis for NFPs

Do your project and financial teams spend much of their time manually managing grants?  Wouldn’t it be better for them to spend their time demonstrating the effectiveness of the funds on fulfilling your mission? Efficiently track grant obligations to ensure that needed reports are filed on time and funds received are spent effectively. The issues […]

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We Live the Same Life as Our Clients, Because Microsoft Dynamics GP Is Our Accounting Software System, Too

By Mike Kean, President, Altico Advisors I was scrolling through the hundreds of posts on the ERP Software Blog where I found many articles on software selection criteria and the top questions you should be asking before purchasing an accounting/ERP system.  And it struck me that one question had been overlooked.  Is the vendor actually […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Expands the Reach with SharePoint

Today’s world demands a new way to do business. To stay competitive, conserve costs, and grow, you need to get more out of your existing technology investments. Based on extensive research into real-world business models and rich feedback from customers and partners, Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010 extends the reach of insight, productivity, and collaboration across […]

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5 Ways Dynamics GP ERP Software will Fuel Innovation in Your Organization

Innovation has to be a top priority for organizations that want to grow in the wake of the economic downturn, but do you have the right systems in place to support innovation?  Organizations that want to enable people and teams to be innovative make the right choice when they implement Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Here are […]

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Why is “Business Intelligence” still so difficult?

Every week, I receive calls from mid-sized companies who are having significant difficulties analyzing their business results.  In a slower economy, being able to react quickly is literally "mission-critical".  What are the top 3 reasons why they tell me this is so difficult? 1) They are using Quickbooks, so can't get financial reporting by business […]

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