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How can Microsoft Dynamics deliver more data to your team members?

Cloud computing and financial reporting are no longer just buzzwords — they are driving business transformation for small and midsize businesses. By bringing together business applications and familiar productivity tools, Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud can now offer the insights you need to better understand your customers and drive your success. Intelligence as an advantage. […]

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Upgrading GP: System requirements for versions 2013 and Higher

System Requirements for GP 2013 and higher versions If you are still on Dynamics GP 2013 or an earlier version, you should consider scheduling an upgrade as Microsoft ends mainstream support for GP 2013 on April 10, 2018. With this, you will no longer receive year end updates and there will be minimal support for […]

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Dynamics GP and AP: Winning Strategies from Best-in-Class Companies

Dynamics GP doesn’t provide all the functionality needed to create the most efficient accounts payable (AP) process for your company. We explore how Microsoft Dynamics GP users are solving these platform issues by transitioning to automate their AP processes and the results that best-in-class teams are seeing.

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How To Automate B2B Vendor Card Payments with Microsoft Dynamics GP

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of transitioning from check to card. Card payments provide rebates, ensure predictable cash flow, additional security and are the fastest way to make a payment. However, the process to make a card payment isn’t exactly seamless and often creates headaches when it comes to reconciliation. You need […]

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Manufacturers Gain Competitive Advantage with ERP

Download Free White paper Here Successful manufacturers have long relied on modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to gain a competitive edge. The ability to capture and analyze data is essential to managing resources, responding to customer needs and driving profits. Information technology continues to advance, providing manufacturers new opportunities to work faster, smarter and […]

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Streamlining distribution business with cross-platform technological advances

Businesses in the distribution industry are feeling the brunt of fast-paced innovation, that is threatening their very existence if they do not move fast enough in their digital empowerment journey. The legacy systems are getting obsolete at a maddening pace, and new technological advances are rewriting rules of conducting business. There is an order within […]

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Unified Commerce – What Is It All About?

eCommerce Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions As per BRP’s definition, unified commerce places customer experience as top priority by leveraging a single commerce platform. A single platform gets rid of internal channels which operate in their own silos. Therefore, merchants leverage a centralized real-time platform for all customer engagement points. Why do you […]

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E-Everything – a unique possibility for all business processes for a power-packed distributor

E-Everything – a unique possibility for all business processes for a power-packed distributor   When all industries are now moving towards digital transformations, the distribution sector is sitting on the edge of exciting possibilities that the virtual connectivity can unleash for businesses. With single unified access across all functionaries of a global company that operates […]

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Can distributors free themselves from the hassles of mismatched data across various systems?

Can distributors free themselves from the hassles of mismatched data across various systems?   Pioneers and leaders, as well as relatively new entrants in the distribution industry, are now saddled with a new dimension to their complex business operation systems – the advent of digital transformation solutions. The technical advances have given a whole new […]

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How to grow your Business with Magento & Dynamics GP?

Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions (x2x eCommerce) Someone has said, “Business is like riding a bicycle, either you keep on moving or fall down” Businesses either go up or slide down. There is no concept of a ‘Stand Still’ in the business world. Businesses are always in a quest to expand, have more […]

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