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Still Using GP 2013? Why it’s Time for a Dynamics GP Upgrade

Sure, keeping an ERP system that still gets the job done, may seem like the path of least resistance. But, is it the wisest choice? The simple answer is no. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t drive your car around for years, never doing routine maintenance on it, so why would you take that […]

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To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade: Compare Dynamics GP Versions

Deciding when to upgrade new Microsoft Dynamics GP software is a big decision. There are a lot of questions that spring to mind when you start thinking about upgrading: What am I gaining by upgrading? Are there new features that will help make me and my staff more productive? Will I need new hardware? Do […]

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3 Customers Share Lessons on How to Simplify a Future Dynamics GP Upgrade

If you are evaluating Dynamic GP (Great Plains) accounting software, one question you might not think to ask in the beginning is, “How easy is the Dynamics GP upgrade process and how much will it cost?” But I can assure you, you will certainly ask that question later. This question becomes especially important if you […]

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Most Popular GP 2013 Training Videos and Resources

  All in one handy spot!  These are some of our most popular Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 training videos , including GP 2013 Navigation, GP 2013 Fixed Assets, GP 2013 Favorite Features and more.  The GP 2013 Upgrade FAQ and GP 2013 Highlights quick chart are great resources for anyone planning their GP 2013 upgrade.  […]

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Tip to Maximize Your Protected List Price Prior to a Dynamics GP 2013 Upgrade

Microsoft has announced all kinds of licensing changes for the new Dynamics GP 2013 release. Many of the a la carte modules that customers paid extra for in the past will be included free in Dynamics GP 2013. So a thrifty company might reason, “why not deactivate that extra functionality now to lower my overall […]

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