Microsoft Dynamics vendors provide comparisons and opinions to professionals in the ERP/Accounting software selection process


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Why Ease of Use Is Essential in Selecting an ERP System

Simplification of common yet critical business tasks is one of the major goals of Enterprise Resource Planning. Effective ERP tools and systems make it easier for growing firms to manage distributed assets, collaborate with partners, and oversee increasingly complex supply chains while struggling to comply with regulations and meet consumer demands. Naturally, the ERP systems […]

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How One “Brilliant Idea” Saved a Distributor $1,000,000

When the editors of the ERP Software Blog approached us asking for contributions to their new whitepaper, “25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics® ERP,” I knew that I wanted to share stories of solutions we had developed for our clients that not only were great ideas, but had delivered great results.  […]

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